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Violin Sonata No. 1 in G major, Op. 19

Dedicated to Prof. Elizabeth Oakes

This work for violin and piano is my latest and one of my favorite compositions. Like many of my works, it revolves around a relatively small number of themes, which are manipulated and played with throughout. The sonata quotes from several hymns, and materials from the first movement make their triumphant return at the end. 

2023 Premiere Performance (28:19)

Program Note

For individual parts, please use the "Contact Me" button below.

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Six Pieces for Young Pianists, Op. 18

Dedicated to Sara Kotrba

This is a set of six teaching and performance pieces for young pianists. The pieces are of increasing difficulty, and there are also piano trio parts for each piece which allow it to be played with violin and cello.  

For the trio parts and score, please use the "Contact Me" button below. 

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String Quartet No. 1 in E major, Op. 17

Dedicated to Renee Santos and Sarah Harmon

My most interconnected and expansive composition to date, this string quartet unfolded on the page from a single initial three-note motif. The entire three-movement quartet is based around two themes, creating a journey through a reverent hymn, a frenzied dance, a lost and grief-filled fugue, and a joyful jig. 

Quintantō 2022 Premiere Performance

Program Note

For individual parts, please use the "Contact Me" button below. 

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Five Vignettes for Clarinet and Piano, Op. 16

Dedicated to Mary Kotrba

Based on a set of five random words, the Five Vignettes explore a wide variety of rhythmic, tonal, and stylistic conventions. The set begins with Freedom, a fugue inspired by the notes of Aretha Franklin's Think, and continues with Buses, a complex 10/8 etude. The third movement, Shells, showcases the low range of the clarinet, while the fourth, Bunny, is the most programmatic of the bunch. Finally, Blueberry brings the pieces to a joyous conclusion with a rhythmic figure inspired by the word itself. 

For individual parts, please use the "Contact Me" button below.

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Smooth between sea and land, Op. 15

for Piano and Baritone/Bass

A setting of the poem of the same name by A.E. Housman, Smooth between sea and land is a melancholy and brooding art song. The vocal range is B2 - E4.

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Trio No. 1, Op. 14

for Piano, Violin, and Cello

Trio No. 1 is a single-movement piano trio written for young pianists. Intended to explore the traditional sonata form in a joyful and modern way, this is one of my favorite compositions thus far. 

For individual parts, please use the "Contact Me" button below.

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A Day's End, Op. 13

Dedicated to Dr. Matthew Arndt

An effort to engage with twentieth century compositional techniques, "A Day's End" is made up of three parts, each reflecting a unique facet of the end of a day spent in a sacred place with friends and family.

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Fantasy No. 3, Op. 9

Dedicated to Mr. Matthew Gullickson

Fantasy No. 3 is a deep and muted work, equal parts somber and reverent. It reaches the lower extremes of tempo and dynamics, and is designed to be easy to pick up while still offering layers of meaning.

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 12.33.02

The Joyflag, Op. 8

for Percussion Ensemble

Orchestrated for piano, two marimbas, two vibraphones, xylophone, snare drum, bass drum, and concert toms, The Joyflag is adapted from my novel, The Fire Crown, and features complex xylophone solos and a wide variety of styles. This is my most impressive musical work to date.

Eastview High School 2019 Premiere Performance

To request the full score. please use the "Contact Me" button below.

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Fantasy No. 1. Op. 5

Dedicated to three teachers past, present, and future

Fantasy No. 1 is a 6-minute roller-coaster ride rising to soaring heights, crashing to murky depths, and culminating in a finishing cascade of octaves. A reach of 11 notes (C to F) is recommended.

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City of Seasons, Op. 4

for Percussion Ensemble 

Orchestrated for two marimbas, two vibraphones, two xylophones, snare drum, bass drum, concert toms, and optional cymbals, City of Seasons is a rhythmically challenging, harmonically complex piece for percussion ensemble.

Eastview High School 2018 Premiere Performance

To request the full score, please use the "Contact Me" button below. 

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Time Well Spent, Op. 2

for Xylophone Duet

For xylophone duet, Time Well Spent is a short piece exploring the interplay of time between two instruments and the dynamic variance possible on the xylophone.

Eastview High School 2017 Premiere Performance

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